Trying to remember

Thoughts of a Writing Wife

There was something specific I wanted to blog about last night, but I’ve since forgotten what it was. If I remember, I shall post it! For now, it’s driving me crazy!

My husband wrote that quirky little “bla bla” message below, last night when he was testing the RSS feed on my website. Since he doesn’t often post on my blog, I’m thinking of leaving it there. It’s kind of cute. :o)

So, my All Info About Musicals site is almost ready to go. A few more tweaks, and I’ll be sending it in to the site owners for approval, before it goes “live.”

I really need to start updating here more often. With all of the writing and querying I’m doing, this site will definitely be a good place for me to work out my writing avenues, post interesting links, and so forth.


I'm a wife and mommy first, as well as a social media consultant/manager, editor, and writer. I'm also editor of Musical Reviewer and Houston Theatre Blog.

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