Producing what the market demands…

Well, would you look at this! Just a few days into my new journey into creativity and word therapy, I found this quote in The Creative Call, by Janice Elsheimer.

You may even be an artist who has used your gifts to develop a successful career but you’re tired of producing what the market demands rather than what following your own creative inclinations.

Wow! It amazes me that I didn’t identify this feeling sooner, considering I experienced this type of burn-out with seo-type content writing. I never dreamed I’d feel the same way with blogging and trying to compete and keep up with other bloggers!

I’m excited to see where this journey leads, and I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with you!


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5 comments on “Producing what the market demands…
  1. Alicia says:


    I often feel this way.

  2. I LOVE that this happened to you! I think it is brilliant.

    You know I credited you for inspiring me to revisit my blog’s purpose as well; and similarly, this morning, something jumped right in front of me that was perfectly ‘on topic.’

    I’m so glad you brought this issue up!

  3. Mihaela Lica says:

    That’s an interesting perspective: “burn-out with seo-type content writing.” I find SEO challenging and I have to confess I love it. It’s an art to write for both the users and the search engines. It’s an art to integrate targeted keyword phrases into the content, and keep the natural flow of the phrase.
    About competing with other bloggers… I’d say don’t. It makes no sense. You win more by being yourself. Because you are a wonderful writer and your words reveal your soul. Instead of competing we should find a way to collaborate. Collaboration makes us (and our businesses) stronger. Besides, the online market is large enough to give enough opportunities for all of us.

  4. alicia says:

    After the past year and a half of struggling to understand and learn seo and search engine-friendly writing, I admit that I’ve grown to like it, too. I didn’t at first, but since so many job ads called for it, I dug up the patience and took the time to better understand it.

    As far as competing with other bloggers goes, I agree with Mihaela. I never try to compete with anymore, because after having it for a year, I realize that the greatest success I expect is to learn more about myself, and interact with other writers.

  5. Tammi says:

    This is the perfect post for a Monday morning, especially considering how badly I’m procrastinating. I prefer blogs that have personality. Otherwise, I would just stick to info-sites. Even blogs like Deb Ng’s Freelance Writing Jobs contain a hint of personal experience and personality even though they are designed primarily to inform.

    I guess that I like the humanity of blogging, if that makes sense.

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