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Lots of new stuff at Writers Remember, with even more coming soon, on January 13! Our latest newsletter issue is available here.

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I'm a wife and mommy first, as well as a social media consultant/manager, editor, and writer. I'm also editor of Musical Reviewer and Houston Theatre Blog.

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4 comments on “New Stuff at Writers Remember
  1. Hi Julia! Just thought I’d check in. I hope married life is treating you well1

  2. Mridu says:

    So I’m wondering why I haven’t heard from you in a long time, and I come here to discover that I’ve somehow been unsubscribed! *shakes head* Hope you’re well.

  3. Julia says:

    Hi Mridu! What do you mean, you’ve been unsubscribed? I don’t have any control over who subscribes or unsubscribes to my blog. I’m not sure what happened? I’m going to e-mail you and see if you can explain further, because I’m really confused. I’ve missed you bunches!

  4. Julia says:

    Julie, thanks for stopping by! I need to get in touch with you, too. :o)

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