My Name is Julia, and I'm a Procrastinator

Procrastination seems to be the word of choice lately. I’ve found several writer-friends discussing it on their blogs.

In an amusing true-to-life post (the whole of which is worth taking a look at) Deb said:

    Sometimes, I wonder how much more money I can make at my craft if I weren’t prone to procrastination. I’ve always had a wandering mind, but lately it seems as if so many other things are distracting me. Working from home does that to a girl. In addition to the child, there’s the refrigerator, books, television, and the worst offender of them all, the Internet.How am I to overcome procrastination when life is beckoning? Am I meant to stay inside and work on a beautiful day? Should I starve when there’s a freshly baked chocolate cake in the pantry? Should I ignore email because I have to write 500 words or more about cleaning pet urine off the carpet?

    I think perhaps I’m being trusted with too much responsibility. Why, working without going off on distracting tangents is un-American! Procrastination is my civic duty, and by-golly, I’m going to comply!

    God Bless America!

Go read the rest…


Ray said:

    I tend to push everything to the last minute. I strive for deadlines. I find that I work better and more efficiently when I’m on a deadline. Why spend 50 hours doing the same thing when I can do it in 2 under pressure, right?

Procrastination seems to be part of the territory of a writer. And what am I doing but writing a post while doing it myself. ;o)

Go read that entry I recommended — you will be amused. I’m off to clean and write.

Procrastination will have to wait for another day. *grin*


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