Copious Drivel

You simply must read Anya Werner’s thoughts on writing copius drivel:

    I saw an ad posted today – man, i love craigslist – for someone to write copious drivel. They sure nailed it. So much of what I write these days is just filler, intended to support the keywords that will attract the search engines that will in turn attract the people. I think of it as jello holding up the fruit. The fruit is the good part; the jello is just a suspension. It may be enjoyable (cherry), or it may be innocuous (lemon), but it really isn’t the point.Of course, my thoughts now go to the jello salad recipe and jello mold ads that will invariably appear in my blogads…

So very, very true. I’ve found that some of my own ventures into content writing have been a bit too “literary,” and I’ve had to tone them down a bit, sprinkling the paragraphs with keywords (or is that key words? Does it even matter in content writing?).

I love writing with style, using flowing phrases, intricate details, vivid imagery, and descriptive words. Oh, the lovely words! So much more than basic keywords.

Content writing often provides for quicker responses as well as more immediate payments. That’s always nice while playing the waiting game with print publications. It is possible to write for both ends of the spectrum, but it takes a bit of learned skill to juggle without dropping the balls. I’ll continue writing content to help pay the monthly bills (my husband loves that I can help), and query/write the more fascinating stuff to build dreams for the future.

After all, I do believe that Jell-O and fruit can co-exist. In fact, I’m not afraid to add some Cool Whip into the mix! Why not? (The descriptive words are the Cool Whip.)

In the real world, beyond the world of keywords, is a place where people love Jell-O and Cool Whip. Drop of dollup of Cool Whip on top, and Mmmm — you’ve got a sweet dessert. Use some descriptive words; you’ll be sure to hook them and reel them in. :o)


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