Missing the Snark (and Killer Yap, too!)

Miss Snark has retired– from blogging, that is. (She’s still working as a literary agent.)

I’ve been busy the last few days, so I just found out Wednesday, but she gave word of her blogging retirement on May 19th, only a few days ago.

Not to worry– she is leaving her blog up and has taken the time to tag each entry (thank you for taking the time to do that, Miss Snark!) to make it easier to find in search engines. She is retiring because she is seeing the same questions over and over, questions that she has already answered. She feels that her blogging work here is done, and gave a few humorous examples to prove her point.

I found a way to give her some linklove and appreciation for all she’s done for us these last few years. Check it out!

I Love Miss Snark!

And check out Miss Snark’s last few poststhey’re quite entertaining! (Each post is linked separately within that sentence.) And don’t miss the video tribute.

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