Oxford English Dictionary Adds New Techy Terms in June 2013 Update

ThinkThe Oxford English Dictionary’s Twitter account, @OED, tweeted Thursday:

The social-networking sense of #tweet (noun & verb) has just been added to the OED: http://oxford.ly/ZLlPnD #OEDupdate

Our language is ever-evolving, and the Oxford English Dictionary has proven that once again, recently adding the social media senses of the following in its June 2013 update:

  • tweet (noun and verb)
  • follow (verb)
  • follower (noun)

Back in February 2013, the OED added the word “tweetable,” and “retweet” was added in August 2011.

More techy-terms added amongst the 1,200 newly revised and updated words include:

  • geekery
  • flash mob
  • live-blog
  • e-reader
  • crowdsourcing
  • mouseover

This update brings the OED’s total number of entries to more than 823,000.

Here’s the OED June 2013 blog update, and the complete list of newly added words. Check them out and let me know if there’s a new-ish word you love to use! Me? I think I prefer “geekery.”


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One comment on “Oxford English Dictionary Adds New Techy Terms in June 2013 Update
  1. Warsaw Will says:

    Shlumpy sounds good to me, although I had no idea what it meant. But I’d love to know why ‘jolly hockey sticks’ (a schoolboy/girl expression from my youth), ‘hand brake’ and ‘watch fob’ (19th century?) are listed as new words.

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