Learn something new every day!

Today I had some fun playing with this new web design for my site while my baby napped. (A few months ago I installed a different theme and it was nice, but the blog template attached was lacking for what I wanted. I was thrilled with an example of this theme that I saw last night, so I gave it a whirl!)

I was a bit confused about some font issues when I installed the theme last night, but it was late and my mind was foggy. I thought about throwing in the towel, but I went to bed and vowed to try again in the morning.

Today I learned more about this theme’s child themes, and changing fonts with Google fonts.

Thanks to this site for the clarification on what each section of the CSS stood for.

Thanks to this link for the step-by-step how-to on using Google fonts with this theme.

And finally thanks to these links for the child theme example and installation info. (I was a bit rusty.)

I’m SO loving the new look!


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