Some Recommendations for the New Year

Lifehacker has posted about 6 web applications that can help you in the New Year. A few that I’m looking forward to using are:

1) Joe’s Goals (I also saw this at my friend Diane’s blog– it looks awesome!)

You can create your own customized chart of things you want to improve upon, and keep track of your goals, whether they’re things you want to do, or things you don’t want to do. Smiley faces and frowny faces, green check marks and red Xs keep track of your daily, weekly, and longer progress. It’s reminiscent of Benjamin Franklin’s personal guideline tracker, as mentioned in the quote below.

Web application Joe’s Goals is a simple, slick way to track your progress on achieving positive intentions (and avoiding negative ones) online.

Much like a web-based version of Benjamin Franklin’s personal guideline tracker, with Joe’s Goals you get a point for every goal you achieve each day (click to add a green check) and lose a point for each vice (click to add a red x). Track your daily score and share it with friends. Neato.

Did you spend the whole day without biting your nails once? Give yourself a point in Joe’s Goals. If not, subtract a point.

Joe also features Joe’s Logbook, which allows you to keep a detailed log.

2) Fitday (I had friends who’ve used this over the last few years, but haven’t yet tried it myself. It’s not just for those actively dieting, but for those who just want to keep a healthy handle on things.

The free FitDay food diary and exercise log tracks everything you eat in a day and its calorie, carb and fat information (much of which is already available in its database). Set up custom foods you eat often with their nutritional information for quick entry, manage weight loss and fitness goals and run helpful reports on your progress.

3) Backpack is a great organizing tool, but I use my PDA for almost all of my organizing. Still, it looks to be a handy tool!

Lifehacker has some great recommendations for making the best of your computer. Thanks to the ladies at The Renegade Writer for the link!


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