Getting Well Soon!

Wow– thanks for all the get-well wishes! I can’t thank you all enough– it made me feel so good to read them and know that people care and were concerned! By the way, I hope you all had a Happy Easter! I wish I’d gotten online to post a Happy Easter message.

It’s been almost two weeks, and I’m finally starting to feel a bit better. The back pain isn’t as debilitating, but it does hurt in a sore way, like I pulled a muscle. You see, my husband and I were in a car accident several years ago, and we’ve both experienced chronic pain since then, but this was to the extreme. Usually I feel some pain, and can go on with things, but this time it hurt even to turn over, or do almost anything! I stayed in bed pretty much every day, except for a few weekly visits to the chiropractor and on the weekends, as our choir was performing our Easter musical, and I was heavily involved in that. It hurt to stand for any lengths of time, so even when we were rehearsing, I was sitting or lying in the pews, calling out my lines toward the stage, and singing along. I performed in the three major performances, though.

So, I’m slowly getting back into the groove of things. I haven’t been sitting at my computer for more than an hour for much of the last two weeks, and that just for necessary upkeep with some work– no socialization. How I wish I had a laptop with wireless access!

We’ve got some friends visiting from out of town this weekend, so I need to do some housecleaning, which will be keeping me up and around some. I’ll be back to blog-hopping, commenting, and generally socializing again very soon, I hope!


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2 comments on “Getting Well Soon!
  1. Courtney says:

    Keep getting better Julia! Thanks for the update.

  2. I’m so glad you are doing better 🙂 Don’t overdo it, though!

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