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I’ve been reading about how important it is to communicate with your blog readers. This is why I’ve installed a plug-in that allows readers to subscribe to comments on a particular post, so that they can see my occasional responses there.

However, WordPress also allows me to respond via e-mail to each commenter, and this is how I usually respond (and I need to catch-up!). I just wanted to make note of that in case you noticed my lack of responses within the comment threads.

I’m trying to find a threaded/nested comments plug-in that allows me to respond directly to each comment in a threaded manner. I prefer to respond via e-mail, because I don’t know how many people actually come back to read the same posts to see if I’ve responded. When I visit others’ blogs, I usually forget which posts I’ve commented on, and don’t return to see their replies.

So, if you don’t see my response in a comment thread, I’ve probably sent (or will send) an e-mail reply. Just wanted to mention that. đŸ™‚


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