New Feature: Previews

I’ve added a new feature that I first found from Diane. offers a new way to use the search engine: you can view previews of the sites you’re searching for, before you click. This is great for when you do a search, and you see your name listed on a Web site. However, when you click you see that your name and site have ended up on some robot blog of dozens of names or headlines. With you can see where you’re going before you click. When you implement these previews on your blog, and scroll over a link I’ve posted, you can see the preview.

I showed it to my husband, and we both loved it. Deb’s readers at Freelance Writing Jobs don’t seem to like it very much, probably because her posts consist of mainly dozens of links to jobs. I hope that my readers won’t mind it so much, but I’ll listen to your feedback. So, what do you think?


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2 comments on “New Feature: Previews
  1. Diane says:

    Well, you know how I feel, since I have it on my site, too. LOL

    Thanks for the link! BTW, I love your new blog title!

  2. TXWriter says:


    You’ve got a great blog here with lots of good information! I’ll definitely be stopping by often.

    Thanks for adding a link to my blog. I went ahead and added your site to my blogroll.

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