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I can’t quite explain why I’ve been so sparse with posting. It could be because I’m working to stay updated with Musical Reviewer and Writers Remember, or busy with my new community moderator gig at MyCycle. (At least I’m keeping up with something(s), even if it’s not my own blog!)

It could be a combination of the above and my miscarriage and the death of my father.

Or it could be that I wasn’t feeling inspired by my blog’s theme.

(I think that was more the problem.)** 

The Problem: Uninspired by Blog’s Look

Even before I got back into posting in January/February, I avoided my blog like the plague because I had fallen out of love with its look. I wasn’t inspired to come and share my writing thoughts; the old theme no longer held a “Welcome” sign for me.

If you only knew the hours I’ve put in trying to find the perfect theme — it’d be obvious I’m not completely neglecting this blog.

I’ve also been helping a friend design his website, and I think that’s what got me so restless about the look of my own blog. I’ve been experimenting with code, trying my hand at a little bit of web design, utilizing WordPress as a CMS (content management system), of course.

The Solution: Loving One’s Theme

Amazingly, I’ve discovered how important it is to have a theme or template that you LOVE. This can truly help you to feel more at home at your blog, and help to inspire you.

Let’s face it — if you don’t feel comfortable in a certain location, you’re not going to easily express yourself. Well, it’s kind of the same thing when it comes to blogging. A blog is your own personal space. Who wants to write where they don’t even feel comfortable?

So, it’s taken me some time to find the right theme for me, but I am finally in love. I haven’t felt this way about a theme for this blog since a few years ago, when I discovered the Apple theme for WordPress. At the time, it matched the colors on my website: deep red and light green.

Now that my website features a lime-ish green, I felt my blog needed a change. I didn’t even mean to make it green, but I just wanted a professional-looking theme, something that looks like a theme that one of the big probloggers would use. When I first got a peek at Vigilance by Jestro, I knew it was what I was looking for in a WordPress theme.

I especially love the “Announcement” box feature on the main page, above the newest entry!

EDIT: I’m also test-driving Flexibility and Grid Focus. I’ll probably switch back and forth over the next few days to see which fits me better. 🙂

The one quirk about Vigilance that bothers me is how the green border/background color sticks around for an extra moment while the site loads, so it appears that the green is the background of the entire site. It doesn’t do that on other sites that use the theme, with other various colors. Or maybe it’s just on my computer. It may drive me crazy enough to change the border to a cream color. White is just too… white.

** Of course, it could also have something to do with being a perfectionist, editing and rewriting posts to get the just right before posting them. Sometimes you (or I) just need to click “Publish.” Yeah, I’m preaching to the choir. 😉

Still, I’m quite happy with my blog’s new look. *grin*


I'm a wife and mommy first, as well as a social media consultant/manager, editor, and writer. I'm also editor of Musical Reviewer and Houston Theatre Blog.

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