Hey, I'm Flexible

Okay, so I fibbed.

I happened upon the Flexibility theme and decided to try it out.

It’s got a whole lotta ways to customize in its own panel inside WordPress. (I widened the whole thing, both the post section and the sidebars.)

It’s got a great support forum.

It looks uber-professional, even in the demo (but not quite on my site). I love the top and bottom feature areas, but don’t have any use for them at the moment, perhaps in the future.

I’m still playing around with the theme itself, customizing colors and such, but I think it’s the theme I’ll be sticking with for a while. I still love Vigilance, but the thin sidebars were a bit too thin, and I had to move things around in such a way that I didn’t really like. Maybe someday I’ll go back to that, though, because I really did love the look of it.

In other news, I’ve got a neat new gig that I’ll be announcing soon, hopefully within the next few days to a week. I’m excited! 🙂



I'm a wife and mommy first, as well as a social media consultant/manager, editor, and writer. I'm also editor of Musical Reviewer and Houston Theatre Blog.

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