Test & Trials (and even a flood)

Please pray for my mom. She’s being admitted to the hospital for some tests. Everything is very vague, but she had been to see her doctor today, and he decided to have her admitted for tests.

Speaking of tests, I’ll be having some medical tests done tomorrow, as well. I’ll be going for my ultrasound tomorrow, and then back to see the breast surgeon to (probably) make an appointment for surgery. Not sure if I’ll have a biopsy, especially since I’m most likely going to have the lump removed anyway. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. Positive thoughts are appreciated. :o)

I’m pretty sore today. I’ve been working out lately, but these aches feel like I may be coming down with something. Blah.

In good news, my musical site and update on the 2005 Tony Award Nominations made the front page of All Info About today! Go check it out!

ETA at 7:30pm: Lovely. Absolutely lovely. Our plumbing is messed up AGAIN.

I never did get to blog about it, but last Thursday our toilet backed up, and well…here’s what I had written about it elsewhere:


“We had quite a busy evening, between my doctor visit, going out for dinner, and then right when we were getting ready for bed, around 10:30/11pm, I had put a load of wash in the washing machine, and was going to stay up long enough to put it in the dryer. Hubby and I were chatting before he went to sleep, and all of a sudden, we heard this “glup glup glup” sound. We looked in our bathroom, and there was water everywhere! Something in the drainage was wrong! By now it’s after 11:30pm, and we’re mopping it up, trying to stop it. We couldn’t flush the toilet, and we had to stop the washing machine. Hubby went to Wal*Mart at midnight to get some wire thingy to dry to fix it, but that didn’t work. So, this morning we both slept in, and he called the plumber. The joys of being a home-owner. The guy got everything fixed, and it turns out the pipe has moved over time (this house was built in 1970, but we bought it last year), so it’s going to have to be replaced, because instead of being on a downward slope, it’s flat, and the stuff doesn’t get pushed enough, I guess. It’s all really technical.”

SO…this is what has happened, again. We were under the impression that it would be all right for quite a while, and in the meantime we could figure out what to do about getting the whole pipe replaced, either by someone else (costing more money) or doing it ourselves (costing less, but being difficult).

Now we’re stuck, and it’s evening, so no one can really come and do anything to help us. No toilet, no dishwasher, no shower (I had just gotten out a few minutes before), no washing machine, etc. Absolutely lovely. My poor hubby had just gotten out of the shower when he noticed the water stopped up in the shower, and then flowing from under the toilet, which does not have a good seal, apparently.


I am just SO incredibly tired of this. I mean, if we were in Ghana, Africa, it would be fine. I could live without a shower or whatnot for a few days, because that’s the way of life. (I spent a month there, so I’m speaking from experience.) Here, though — I’ve got a doctor’s appointment tomorrow. We can’t flush the toilet. Yada yada yada.

And then there’s the money. We aren’t wealthy. This will be a costly endeavor to have fixed. And then there’s my upcoming medical procedures and the bills that follow.

And the vacation days that my hubby was saving up. Now he’s having to take them here and there to be here when they fix things.

Please, please pray and think positive (even happy!) thoughts for us. It’s very discouraging when everything seems to happen at once. And we don’t have anybody close to us, family-wise or even close friends. It’s just the two of us.

When it rains, it pours.


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