Still here! More soon.

Hubby’s getting better. He’s looking less like Quasimodo now that his eyes aren’t swollen shut anymore. (I’m not really that mean– my mom and grandmother both took to calling me Quasimodo when I had the Chicken Pox and my eyes were swollen shut. It’s become a term of endearment.)

My brother’s wedding was beautiful. It was held in Las Vegas, at Caesar’s Palace. It wasn’t a quickie wedding– it’s been planned for over a year now. A small, intimate gathering of close family and friends. What a blessing to spend a week with family that we don’t see very often– and all of us haven’t been together at any one time since my cousin’s wedding almost nine years ago! We had four generations on my mother’s side, which made for some great photos (Grandparents, mom, aunt, cousin, my brother and me, and cousin’s two kids)!

We visited Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon— amazing and breathtaking! We geocached in Nevada and Arizona, crossing the state line and adding two more states to our geocaching logs. We stayed at The Orleans. We went to the Bellagio and saw the beautiful Conservatory & Botanical Gardens and Dale Chihuly Glass at the Bellagio. We ate gelato at the Paris (little Italian & French cafe). We had a fabulous time! It’s always difficult parting with my mother, though, so that’s partly why I’ve been a bit withdrawn.

Mom and I live 1,000 miles apart, and that’s difficult considering how close we are. My two favorite people in the world are my husband and my mom. I’m ecstatic and thankful to live with my husband 24/7, but I sometimes wish we lived within a day’s (comfortable) drive to my parents’. It’s especially hard now that we’re trying to start a family. I worry about our children not seeing their grandparents (both sets) very often. Anyway, that’s part of the reason for my silence. I’ve been a bit down in the dumps.

I’ve got a long, thoughtful (or deep-thought) post coming soon, concerning writing and blogging and creativity. I’ve been working on it for a few days, and tweaking it a lot. I’ll try to post it later today or sometime this weekend.


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