Thanks for everyone’s prayers and positive thoughts — please keep them up! (A special round of thanks to my best friends, and the folks at AbsoluteWrite.) My mom stayed in the hospital for 2 nights, and all tests were inconclusive.

Meanwhile, Dana has recommended that I go ahead and have the lump biopsied as well, even if I have surgery. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 22, and her initial mammogram (which they won’t do for me) and needle biopsy both showed her lump as benign. So, even though she says the odds are in my favor, it’s still very important to be absolutely sure. Thanks, Dana!

I’ve got a lot stirring in my heart right now, and have been working on a blog about it. I’ll be sharing it later. :o)

And I’ve got more good news to share (about a new writing assignment!), but I need to fix up a few things first! It’ll be unveiled soon!

Meanwhile, my in-laws might be coming for a visit this weekend (not sure yet), so I need to straighten up the house a bit (it’s not that bad), and work on a few articles for publication.


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