My visit to the surgeon

If you are concerned about breast issues, such as a fibroadenoma, please join the breast health group for more information and to talk with others.

My husband and I just got home a little bit ago. After my doctor’s appointment, we came home to get a restaurant coupon, and then went right back out to eat at a local pizza joint. Yum! I got a cannoli, too, but it’s currently in the fridge. Maybe I’ll have it in a little while. Then we had to stop by Wal*Mart for a few things, and we just got home not too long ago.

My visit to the surgeon went well. First we had to stop by the radiology office to pick up my ultrasound films (from last year). After we were shown to the room where I had to change and wait for my doctor, I got so nervous that I had to use the restroom, but after that I was a lot calmer. He had me lie down on the examination table, and did a breast exam. I grimaced a few times, because this little lump is very tender! He hadn’t yet looked over the films, and after feeling my lump, he said it definitely felt like a fibroadenoma, and had the characteristics, such as its marble-like movement, and its smooth shape. He told me of my options, and we all (me, hubby, and doctor) discussed. Some women live with them all their lives, and if I choose to do the same, I’d just come in every so often for another ultrasound, to check up on it. Yes, they do grow during pregnancy, but they also usually diminish a bit as time goes on, after the pregnancy. Removal would just be for my own assurance, but it’s not necessary.


1. He could do a needle biopsy right there in the office.

2. I could have another ultrasound, since it’s been almost a year. After the ultrasound, I’d go back to his office, compare the films, and then have a biopsy if I choose.

3. I could go ahead and schedule surgery, without the ultrasound or biopsy.

The biopsy isn’t extremely necessary, though as apprehensive as I am about it, I’d almost like to just do it and get it over with, so it’d be another no longer unknown fear.

So, I cried a little, just because I’m emotional like that. I discussed how it’d almost be reassuring to just have the surgery and have it removed. He assured me that he’s never lost a patient while doing this procedure, so I’d “better not be his first.” LOL!

We went into another room and looked over my ultrasounds. He showed me where the blood flow was normal, and explained that if it was different (I don’t remember how) they could predict that it might have a greater chance at growing, even without pregnancy. However, mine has hardly changed in the last 2 years, and he said that the blood flow in the ultrasound indicated that it’s remained the same. I hope that made sense. ;o)

So, we left them with times of day that are good for us to go back for another ultrasound. I debated having the needle biopsy, but he also said that if he did that, and then we went for an ultrasound, there was a chance that he would get something into the fibroadenoma which could taint the visual on the ultrasound, so it would be better to wait to do the biopsy until after the ultrasound (if I want it done, for the extra reassurance that yes, this is a fibroadenoma — even though he’s dealt with these for years).

I’m praying and thinking about having the surgery. It’d be outpatient, but I’d be completely out. He said that if he just did a local anesthetic, it would end up hurting me more.

Michael thinks if I want the surgery, I should just call and schedule it. My mom thinks having another ultrasound would be good, whether or not I want the surgery, because I’d have a look at how it’s grown or stayed the same (hubby thinks it’s gotten smaller, too!), and it would also be a good record for me to have on my breast issues, especially since it’s been a year since I’ve had the ultrasound.

So, I’m thinking about all of this. It’s a lot to think about and consider. Part of me wants to just have it removed, because then I wouldn’t have to think about it, or worry about it, or deal with it anymore. He said that cancer can grow in fibroadenomas, but the chances of that are just as likely as getting cancer in the rest of the breast tissue. Still, I could live with it, and be “comfortable,” thinking that I don’t have to worry about it, and then what if something did grow in it? I don’t want to be too comfortable. Hmmm. Well, they won’t be getting back to me before Friday about the ultrasound schedule, and maybe not until Monday or Tuesday, so I’ve got some time to think it all over.

Thanks so much everyone, for your concerns, thoughts, and prayers. :o)


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