Here I am, testing the waters…

Hello? Is this thing on? Is there anybody out there? I’ve been tinkering with this post for days now, trying to tweak it and make it just right; however, there comes a time when you just have to click “publish.”

Where to begin? I’ve been through a lot in the last year; 2008 was a doozy.

My father died of a heart attack in January (2008), and I had a miscarriage, losing our first baby in June (right around Father’s Day weekend, at that!). I mentioned about my dad here, but I don’t think I ever mentioned that I was pregnant, let alone that I had a miscarriage.

I just didn’t know what to say. I haven’t known what to say for many months now.

I have so much inside that needs to be written, needs to be healed. This blog needs to be a safe place I can come to, a sanctuary, rather than a place I avoid because I wrongly compare myself with other writers and what they have to offer. I can’t compete with some of the knowledge that some other bloggers share, but I hope that I can inspire.

Which brings me to a revelation about a new meaning to Mrs. Write Right, Word Therapist. Not only do I enjoy engaging in word therapy like rescuing excess apostrophes, saving commas from being spliced, and repairing injured & abused words, but word therapy can also convey a therapeutic meaning. I’ve been involved in counseling before, and I know how talking and writing through things can be therapeutic. So, this blog has a new purpose involving word therapy — using writing to heal.

As I test the waters of social networking once again, I look forward to reconnecting with my writer friends as well as meeting some new folks.

I’ve already gotten back into Twitter and I’ve been overwhelmed with “welcome backs,” so apparently I wasn’t forgotten. 🙂

I culled through my RSS feed reader. I’m left with, for the most part, blogs I really care about, though probably still more than I need to be subscribed to, but hopefully I’ll feel less overwhelmed trying to keep up with everyone.

For now I probably won’t be blogging articles about the freelancing life, as many of my writer colleagues are doing. That’s one of the things that gets me overwhelmed with unrealistic expectations about what I “need” to offer my readers.

Rather, I am reembarking on finding where I fit as a writer-editor, since I haven’t really written creatively in a quite a while, and it’s something I need to allow myself the freedom to reengage in. I’m planning to head in a more inspirational direction, rather than monetizing, how-tos, etc. Those are wonderful topics, but they’re just not what I do. I’m focusing on words and writing as therapy. As of course there will be some punctuation and grammar topics along the way — I love those!

Let’s face it: I love to write. I love to write creatively. And if you’re here reading this, you probably do, too. We all need a little inspiration along the way, and I hope we can share some with each other.

You might also notice that the blog template itself is going through some changes. I’m not sure if I’ve found one I’ll stick with yet, but with the new look of my website, I felt I needed something new.

As we go forth, I hope to inspire and be inspired. Welcome back to Mrs. Write Right, Word Therapist!



I'm a wife and mommy first, as well as a social media consultant/manager, editor, and writer. I'm also editor of Musical Reviewer and Houston Theatre Blog.

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