Going to the surgeon…

If you are concerned about breast issues, such as a fibroadenoma, please join the breast health group for more information and to talk with others.

Well, the appointment has been made. I’m going tomorrow to see the breast surgeon. There was a cancellation, so that got me in right away, as the appointment was made today. I’ve been putting it off for too long, and only delaying the inevitable.

I had an ultrasound done last summer, and it was found to (most likely) be a fibroadenoma.
Sometimes it hurts. It’s uncomfortable. It can possibly grow and protrude through skin, should I get pregnant, as it feeds on estrogen. The radiologist recommended that I either come back 6-12 months later, or see a breast surgeon. My gynecologist recommended that I go ahead and see the surgeon. Well, I put it off for almost a year, so I’ll probably have the ultrasounds done again, as well as seeing the surgeon tomorrow at 3pm central time.

I’m nervous and scared about the possibility of needing to have a biopsy or fine needle aspiration cytology.

I’ve noticed more tenderness around the area. Not sure if it’s another lump, or what. I get really queasy when it comes to doing my monthly breast check. I get scared that it could be something more.

I’m trying to quiet my nerves and anxiety, stay calm, and not cry too much. I’m having difficulty staying on task with my daily writing goals. I need calm, peace, healing. So, prayers and positive

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