Getting Over the Drama

Long time, no post. Sorry folks.

It’s been an unbelievably crazy time lately. Drama is so incredibly draining, and I’ve been dealing with a fair share of drama. Ugh. It was a bit of a struggle to rise above, and caused me to step away from some forums for a few days. The forums actually had nothing to do with the drama; I just felt the need to have a bit of solitude from people, I suppose. It’s funny how drama can make me feel a lot less sociable. (Note: Although there have been multiple drama-filled situations as of late, this particular drama I’m referring to is based on a family issue.)

This drama came right on the heels of a fantastic time in Austin several weeks ago. While my husband was there for training I got a lot of writing done, and I got to see my soul sister, Ceci. Cortney and Ceci are my best friends, and neither of them lives close by, so when we see each other it’s a huge deal. Ceci and I hadn’t seen one another in over a year. Her little girl is growing up; she’ll be 3 years old tomorrow! We all had a fantastic time. Good friends are one of the greatest gifts, ever!

Peek-a-boo! I just want to say “hiya” to Cortney. *waves* I see you peeking at my journal! ;o) Miss you!

My birthday is coming up! It’s this Saturday, August 20.

One year older, and yet I don’t feel it or look it (people tend to think I’m younger). And what’s up with this feeling that birthdays aren’t as magical as they were when I was younger? I knew most of my birthday gifts beforehand. Still, cards have always meant a bit more to me than gifts, so those are still surprises waiting for me. My friend Cortney has the same feeling about Christmas–somehow it seems more magical through the eyes of a child, so she hopes that it will feel that way once she and her husband start a family.

Thanks to Mridu for some very encouraging e-mails. It is SO good to have such an encouraging and talented friend, even across the world. Thanks for checking up on me when I seem scarce. :o)

In writing news, there are several projects that I’m working on. There are going to be some major updates at the AIA Musicals site in the next few days. I’ve got the possibility of a few editing/proofreading jobs; I’m thinking hopeful thoughts for them.

Oooh, for any Broadway musicals fans–I’ve found the funniest thing: “Forbidden Broadway.” These songs have been cracking me up! They’re parodies of actual Broadway songs, and the singers sound almost exactly like the casts of the particular Broadway shows! Absolutely hilarious stuff!

That’s all for now–I’ll update again soon. Now that I’m finally getting out of the drama-rut I don’t mind being social again. ;o)


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3 comments on “Getting Over the Drama
  1. Mridu says:

    I don’t forget my friends, babe. And let me be the first to say it– “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” (well, it’s the 20th here in India)

  2. Julia says:


    Thanks–I needed that! And thank you for the “Happy Birthday” wishes! We just finished watching a movie, and I’m ready to fall asleep (it’s 1am here!). Hope you’re having a great weekend! I need to e-mail you; I haven’t forgotten! :o)

  3. I know I told you Happy Birthday on your birthday, but when I read this, I couldn’t resist saying it again.


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