Flowers for Algernon

Well, actually, flowers for me. *beaming*

My sweetheart came in from work, bearing a small bundle of wildflowers from our front yard. I was so out of it that when he came in I greeted him without looking, and then he showed me the flowers. So sweet! :o)

Not long after that I ended up sick in the bathroom. It’s been on and off for a week now. Tonight was one of the worst. Michael ended up making a delicious soup for dinner, and I had some hot tea, and water, as well. I’m hoping I’ll feel better so we can go to Dallas for the weekend to visit with Cortney and Jeremy, and their family. And if I feel better, I also hope that I’m well enough to enjoy the visit. I’ve been in a fog the last week, and haven’t felt much like e-mailing or carrying on any conversations, or even writing much at all. What a rut.

We noticed tonight that the flowers Michael had picked, had closed. Outside, we realized that all of that particular flower-kind had closed as well. Not morning glories, but they resemble small daisies. What a surprise to see them go to sleep at night, and awaken in the morning. I should write something about them. *starts feeling a bit inspired*


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