Best of intentions

I have the best intentions regarding posting, really I do! I’ve been very busy with a big project for some big changes going on in the next two (2) weeks at WEGO Health, and I’ve been spending most of my working hours working on said project.

All right, I’ve had a post in the works for over a week, but I needed to tweak it and make sure I wasn’t still raw when I posted it, because it has to do with a friend and how she perceives my telecommuting work. I didn’t think it wise to post it until I was feeling better about it.

I had to come to the realization that she didn’t mean it personally– it’s just her nature. I also came to the realization that I wasn’t so much annoyed by it; rather I was saddened by her lack of understanding of what I do for a living. I’m saddened that people in general don’t seem to take telecommuting seriously, but I shouldn’t take it personally.

Anyway, now you’re all wondering what in the world I’m talking about, aren’t you? You’ll see what I mean. I shall post it momentarily, for your weekend enjoyment. So now you shall have two posts from me for the weekend! :o)


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