Social Media

I’ve been involved in social media and community moderating since 1998, and am available as a social media manager and moderator/manager for your community or business. Whether it’s a forum, message board, social network, group, list, wiki, virtual world, or other type of community, I have many years of community building, managing, and moderating experience, and can provide the professional community building tools that you need!

I can manage social media presence outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, etc.), whether for your personal needs, or for your small business or large corporation. I’m also available to consult with you about your business’ social media presence. I can also manage and monitor your social media networks via engagement software and monitoring tools that can help you engage better with your customers (e.g., Hootsuite, SDL SM2, Radian6).

Believe it or not, Twitter, Facebook, etc., are not all about sharing what you ate for dinner last night; rather, they are vital assets to most businesses in this day and age. I can help you understand how to best use these and other social media sites to most effectively enhance your company’s networking capabilities as well as expand your business.

Click here for my social media/online community portfolio.