New Features at My Musicals Site

I almost forgot to mention in my last post that there are a lot of new features at my All Info About Musicals website! Here’s my latest post from my musicals blog:

In case you haven’t visited the All Info About Musicals site lately, or you don’t yet subscribe to the newsletter, you’re missing out! Lots of news here at All Info About Musicals!

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New Features:

Ta-Da! The Musicals Message Board is finally here! Register and participate! If I find that there are many who want to participate, but who do not want to register, I will see what I can do to make everyone happy. I currently have registration required because without it, spammers like to hit message boards, and I’d like to keep them out. Read more…

Off-Broadway Musical information now at your fingertips. We now have:

Now Playing on Broadway

New to Broadway

Upcoming on Broadway

Now Playing Off-Broadway

New to Off-Broadway

Upcoming Off-Broadway

Now Playing in the UK

Coming Soon to the UK


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