Grease — You’re the One that I Want! (The Winners!)

(Been meaning to post this, but my back’s been hurting quite badly!)

Max & Laura: You’re the Ones That We Want as Danny and Sandy!

Congratulations to Max Crumm and Laura Osnes, the winners of “Grease: You’re the One That I Want” on NBC!

America has spoken for the underdogs. I knew Laura had the right stuff, and wish that there could have been some way for both Max and Austin to share the role. I loved Austin’s voice, and Max’s quirkiness and goofiness. I’m looking forward to seeing what plans Kathleen Marshall has for Derek Keeling, and hope to see him and Austin Miller and Chad Doreck and Kevin Greene (my personal favorite voice– but not right for “Danny”) performing in the future.

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(I wanted to post this Sunday night when it happened, but my husband was hogging the computer. ;))

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2 comments on “Grease — You’re the One that I Want! (The Winners!)
  1. I watched this for the first few episodes and loved it! Then somehow I missed the last couple! Bummer. I’m glad to see that Laura won, but I wasn’t too sure about Max…. Looks like he pulled it off!


  2. Julia says:

    I’m a big Broadway fan, so this show was right up my alley. I, too, wasn’t sure about Max, but he really did quite well, always doing whatever was asked of him. He grew on me, and I think he captures the role of Danny quite well. Laura was my favorite from some point early on, and I am so glad she won! If you want to, you can catch some of the performances on YouTube!

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