“He’s Mr. England, the English guy.”


“He’s Mr. England, the English guy.”

He’s not just an English guy. Would we go up to any American official and say “You’re that American guy”? At least give honor where honor is due. I can’t imagine someone meeting the Queen of England and saying “You’re that English lady.” Granted, not everyone might know his name, but “the English guy”? How about diplomat, foreign secretary, foreign minister, even the English man–anything but guy. It just sounds so unappealing and appalling to me. I don’t claim to be extremely knowledgeable in international matters, but I would think this would be an issue of general etiquette. Or maybe I was just raised really old-fashioned.

This bothers me mainly because a close friend of mine in Canada grew up learning more about the U.S. than most Americans learn about Canada. In fact, most countries in the world are taught more about various nations and countries than we are in the U.S. Why are we so ethnocentric? We are so ignorant of the rest of the world around us. If countries were people, the U.S. would be a teenager (in an age comparison)–we are so young, have so much to learn, and it’s not all about us. ::sigh::

In other quick news, I lay wide awake for most of last night. My stomach was hurting petty badly, and my eyes were wide open. Not sure if it was from the highly-caffeinated coffee high or something else. Could be the quick change in the weather, from hot to cool. Not cold, but chilly.

Addendum to last night’s post:
I am preparing a response for those who have personally contacted me about Writers Remember. We’ve registered a domain name, and have an outline in the works with the plans for the site. I’ll be contacting each of you shortly, and posting more about this in the near future. Thanks!

::yawn:: Now I’m finally feeling sleepy (I think?), so I think I’ll see if I can’t catch a few winks and Zs.


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2 comments on ““He’s Mr. England, the English guy.”
  1. AGK says:

    There you are 🙂 Good to see you again!

  2. Cortney says:

    [email protected]!!!!!!!!!#! Memoirs of a Geisha trailer is up on Apple’s Quicktime site!!!!!!! Have you ever read it? I’m am…STOKED! ARRRRGH!!!


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