Happy National Grammar Day!

National Grammar Day

March forth on March 4 to celebrate National Grammar Day! How have you celebrated this glorious day?

This year Mignon Fogarty, affectionately known as Grammar Girl, has gracefully taken on the role as the host for National Grammar Day. National Grammar Day was established in 2008 by Martha Brockenbrough, founder of the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar (SPOGG).

Both ladies are authors, as well; Fogarty has authored Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing (not dirty in the least!) and The Grammar Devotional, and Brockenbrough has authored Things That Make Us (Sic): The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar Takes on Madison Avenue, Hollywood, the White House, and the World.

We’ve already accomplished one of our goals for the day:

National Grammar Day has been a trending topic at Twitter all day.


Check out the great new look of the National Grammar Day Web site, containing loads of entertaining features, including grammar myths, a songwriting hall of shame, funny typos, grammar noir, cartoons, fun with grammar scenarios, free teaching materials, even an e-card for your loved ones — and who can forget this amusing music video (view it below) of the new theme song, “March Forth.” Get it? March 4th? (Check out my informal poll below the video — I’d love to hear your thoughts.)

Language is something to be celebrated, and March 4 is the perfect day to do it. It’s not only a date, it’s an imperative: March forth on March 4 to speak well, write well, and help others do the same! — Mignon Fogarty (Grammar Girl)

And so I ask you, dear readers, 1) what are your favorite things about grammar or punctuation, and 2) what are your pet peeves?

Mine? Well, I love the interrobang as a punctuation mark, and I dislike most chat speak. One specific pet peeve, though: the spelling “kewl” for “cool.” I mean, both are four letters, and take the same amount of time to type. “Cool” may even be quicker since the two O’s are side by side. Besides, every time I see “kewl” I hear it in Valley girl-speak in my head, i.e., “kyule.”

Mrs. Write Right, Word Therapist is proud to be a founding partner of National Grammar Day.

National Grammar Day


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