Let them eat cake… and spam?

So, I’m weeding through Akismet on my All About Musicals site, and what’s the latest spam going around? Cake.

Seriously… I’m getting hundreds of spam comments (Akismet is catching them!) all having to do with cake mix recipes. Red Velvet Cake, Pound Cake, Strawberry Cake, Wedding Cake, cake molds, even a cake recipe using Diet Coke!


Well, I suppose it’s better than adult- and medication-oriented spam.

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3 comments on “Let them eat cake… and spam?
  1. Laura says:

    What’s up with that? Did you accidentally join a recipe club, or something?

    I guess cake would be better than what I get: promos for pharmaceuticals, adult sites, and software.

  2. Must be just the women. We men are still getting pitches to buy adult medication. Or at least, that’s all I get. And stuff about celebrity females on the beach.

  3. Katherine says:

    I think they should have Best Spam Ever awards – I would definitely vote for the velvet cake spam. lol that gave me a chuckle!

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