What services do you provide?

Social media consulting & management, online community management, editing (copyediting, line editing, substantive editing), proofreading, writing, blogging, critiquing, consulting, coaching, transcription, and more.

May I see who else you’ve worked with?

Yes, click here to view a list of clients (both past and present).

Will you provide a free sample and/or consultation?


If it’s a writing sample you need, I’m happy to provide previously written samples of my work. I will only write original samples on spec for a fee.

If you would like a free editing consultation, please feel free to send me a 2-4 page (500-1,000 word) sample of your work and we can go from there, determining your needs, and customizing rates that work for your project. If your document is very short, other arrangements will be made.

What are your rates?

Read more about my rates by clicking here.

What are your hours?

My standard hours of contact are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, Central Time. After hours and weekends by appointment only. However, considering I am a freelancer, I reserve the right to work whenever I choose, including after hours.

Will you write my term paper?

No, I will not write term papers, nor do I indulge in plagiarism. (Think about it: Would you want to be in the care of a physician who paid someone to write his/her term paper?) HOWEVER — I will gladly work closely with you to edit your papers so that they are the best they can possibly be — polished, clean, and free of errors. I have many years of experience tutoring students and editing their work, resulting in many excellent grades and many grade A papers. I will provide notes with my edits, not removing your voice at all from the work. Many of my tutoring and editing clients have expressed how much they learned from the notes I provide, where I often explain why I made such changes to grammar or punctuation.

Can you edit/provide either American or UK grammar and punctuation?

Yes, I am familiar with both American and UK grammar/spelling and punctuation.

What languages can you edit?

English (both American and British)

What will you edit?

I am available to edit and/or proofread a wide variety of various materials, from articles and essays to resumes and letters, as well as fiction and nonfiction of various lengths, and much more. Ask me, I will probably edit it.

How will you edit?

You have the choice between my usage of tracking changes and making comments in “bubbles” as featured in many word processor programs (this allows you to accept or reject any change), or utilizing red strike-through, highlighting, underlining, etc.– though the “track changes” feature is usually easier on both of us. I can also print your work and edit it using editing marks, in which case I will provide a “key” for you to consult.

Which style guides are you familiar with?

I am versatile and can edit according to a variety of style guides (MLA, APA, Chicago, AP, Turabian, etc.).

Will you help me get published?

With my knowledge of the publishing industry, I can steer you in good directions, and away from scammers who like to take advantage of inexperienced authors. However, though I can help you prepare your work for submission by editing, revising, critiquing, or consulting, I cannot guarantee that it will get published. I am not an agent; nor do I work as a liaison with particular agents or publishers.

Why should I hire you? How do you stand apart from all the others?

The difference between choosing me and someone else is this: unlike some editors, writers, moderators, and social media consultants who do this simply to make a living, I take it one step further — I love what I do, and therefore my passion flows into my work. My passion is to help others express themselves better through the written word; in other words, my goal is to make your writing appear its very best. I can’t begin to tell you how often I run across glaring errors in well-published popular novels or textbooks — when I’m not even looking for them! Let me help you avoid that by assisting you in producing the very best writing/editing possible.

I am also passionate about steering writers away from scammers who prey on the inexperienced, and steering you toward success!

I especially love editing and proofreading, and have been helping others clean up their written work for many years. In fact, I enjoyed doing so as a hobby throughout my childhood and school years. I have a B.A. in English, specific training and education in editing, and an innate understanding of and passion for correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

Why do I need your services for my business?

For the written word: Whether you believe it or not, first impressions mean a great deal. I’ve passed through many (professional) websites that have featured multiple typos, and even if visitors are not grammar mavens and English majors, people notice these mistakes. I don’t mean one typo here and there, but pages absolutely riddled with grammar mistakes and punctuation nightmares. I understand this doesn’t always matter in the realm of SEO, but if you want your Internet presence to be taken seriously, it does matter. However, the problems I’m referring to have been on websites for large companies and corporations. I want to help your website to be as successful as you want it to be.

For social media: These days your business needs a Web presence. Believe it or not, Twitter, Facebook, etc., are not all about sharing what you ate for dinner last night. I can help you understand how to best use these and other social media sites to enhance your company’s networking capabilities as well as expand your business. I’ve been involved in social media and community moderating since 1998. Whether it’s a forum, message board, social network, group, list, wiki, virtual world, or other type of community, I have 11+ years of community building, managing, and moderating experience, and can provide the professional community building tools that you need! I can also manage social media presence outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.), whether for your personal needs, or for your small business or large corporation.

How can I contact you?

Visit my contact page for a variety of methods to contact me, including e-mail, instant messenger, chat, Skype, phone, and postal mail.