Take the FWJ/WP Weight Loss Challenge

I know many who read here are also readers of Deb Ng’s Freelance Writing Jobs blog and Diane Penna’s The Write Path (and if you’re not, then why not?). If you haven’t already heard through their blogs, they’ve put together a weight loss challenge. It’s a fantastic idea, since many of us writers are known for having our BIC (butt-in-chair) for hours on end.

I’ve decided to join in, and I’d like to invite you to, also! There will be monthly prizes, as well as a garnd prize for the end-of-the-year winner, but really… the main prize is the weight lost!

You can see the Joe’s Goals widget on the left-hand column; the top widget is for the weight loss challenge, and the bottom widget is for my other daily goals.

Check out all the details and how to sign up by clicking the links below! Don’t worry– your weight/weight goal doesn’t have to be disclosed at all!

On with the links:

Deb’s post about the challenge

Diane’s post about the challenge

Take the FWJ/WP Challenge

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