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Take the 2007 Global Freelancer Survey!

FreelanceSwitch is asking freelancers to take their 2007 Global Freelancer Survey (here’s a link directly to the survey). Why should you take part? 1. Detailed Statistics. After the survey is complete we will be posting an abridged version of some

Following instructions counts! Part 2

Remember how important it is to follow instructions? I give you Deb Ng’s post on Chicken Soup for the Soul’s latest call for writers. Check out the comments. All 20 of them. (Only a select few are following directions.) Deb,

Flagging jobs?

What is up with the practice of flagging perfectly decent jobs on Craigslist? No, I’m not talking about the non-paying or ridiculous gigs; I’m talking about real jobs that are being flagged in order to “eliminate the competition.” Deb Ng

Following instructions counts!

If you apply for jobs online, this is a must-read. (Though I know this probably — hopefully? — doesn’t apply to my readers.) Following instructions counts. Yes, it certainly does, and it isn’t that difficult, really. Not only does it

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Missing the Snark (and Killer Yap, too!)

Miss Snark has retired– from blogging, that is. (She’s still working as a literary agent.) I’ve been busy the last few days, so I just found out Wednesday, but she gave word of her blogging retirement on May 19th, only