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Merry Christmas!

More than two thousand years ago there was a man born contrary to the laws of life. This man lived in poverty and was reared in obscurity. He received no formal education and never possessed wealth or widespread influence. He

Getting Well Soon!

Wow– thanks for all the get-well wishes! I can’t thank you all enough– it made me feel so good to read them and know that people care and were concerned! By the way, I hope you all had a Happy

Comments and replies

I’ve been reading about how important it is to communicate with your blog readers. This is why I’ve installed a plug-in that allows readers to subscribe to comments on a particular post, so that they can see my occasional responses

Some Recommendations for the New Year

Lifehacker has posted about 6 web applications that can help you in the New Year. A few that I’m looking forward to using are: 1) Joe’s Goals (I also saw this at my friend Diane’s blog– it looks awesome!) You

New home… no tea

So, now that I’ve made the transition over to a WordPress blog hosted on my own site, I’m facing the decision about templates. I chose this one (blue and green columns) because these are two of my favorite colors, and