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Everyone needs a good old-fashioned hissy fit

I’m frustrated. I just tried signing up for an online course that I’ve been wanting to take for months. I got halfway through the sign-up process, and then I clicked the wrong button, indicating that I had already paid for


I’ve got at least half a dozen blog updates coming soon (I’ve been keeping a list so I remember!), but I’ve been working on some last-minute edits for several clients. I had one editing gig over the weekend (very frustrating

Nope, I'm not a taxi service

Well, I’ve made an addendum to my other post: No, I didn’t take her sister to the doctor. As it turned out, I had a conference call with WEGO Health that day. Because, you know, some people (i.e., Janna and

Work at Home = Unemployed?

Okay, so, here’s the deal. An acquaintance of mine recently called me and left a message, asking me for a favor (she wanted me to drive her sister to the doctor). I heard her fumbling, trying to figure out how

Best of intentions

I have the best intentions regarding posting, really I do! I’ve been very busy with a big project for some big changes going on in the next two (2) weeks at WEGO Health, and I’ve been spending most of my