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Leaving, on a Jetplane…

I’m leaving tomorrow (Saturday) morning — EARLY! — for a week-long trip to New York, and will be gone from July 21-28. Our choir is doing a short tour, and we’re so excited! I was born and raised in NY

Are You an A-List Bloglebrity?

Something fun I found via my dear friend Pattie’s blog: has come up with a widget to determine your blog’s “Bloglebrity” status. Click here to find out whether your blog is on the A-list, B-list, C-list, or D-list! (Not

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! To my husband: You’re my best friend and the love of my life, worth waiting for. To my family: I love you and miss you so much! Thanks for teaching me the true meaning of Valentine’s Day.

Tagged: “5 things people don’t know about you” meme

A few weeks ago I got tagged for the “5 things people don’t know about you” meme by Katharine, Amy, and Deb (via e-mail). Here it (finally) is! 1. I changed my major three times. I enrolled in college as

Round One of the Blogosphere Project: AWChain

So, Towerkel at AbsoluteWrite has started the first round of Blogosphere Project: AWChain, and I’m the second in line after Towerkel’s post. Let’s see, what’s new since my last post? Oh, that’s right– is back up, and so are the