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National Punctuation Day 2013

Happy National Punctuation Day! What’s your favorite punctuation mark? I’m partial to the interrobang (?!) and the Oxford comma. Check out and this neat article about 13 little-known punctuation marks we should be using. Remember, punctuation can save lives! 😉

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Absolute Write — I mean, Bite!

Check out the changes at Absolute Write, the best writing forum in the world. We are now known as Absolute Bite! Click the banner below to check out our new look! APRIL FOOL’S!

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Today is Square Root Day!

I know this is a writing blog, not a math/science blog, but this is too cool to not celebrate. (Don’t worry, my wordy friends — tomorrow, March 4, is National Grammar Day!) Today, March 3, 2009 (3/3/09), is Square Root

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Let them eat cake… and spam?

So, I’m weeding through Akismet on my All About Musicals site, and what’s the latest spam going around? Cake. Seriously… I’m getting hundreds of spam comments (Akismet is catching them!) all having to do with cake mix recipes. Red Velvet

The Devil's (True-to-Life!) Publishing Dictionary

I ran across something hilarious the other day. Absolutely hilarious. You MUST read this. Paperback Writer composed The Devil’s Publishing Dictionary (parts one and two), and then Teresa Nielsen Hayden shared her version. A few gems, my personal favorites from