We Can Finally Edit FB Posts!

Finally — Facebook now allows you to edit your posts! This update should be rolling out over the next few days.

facebook website screenshot

One would have thought this would have been rolled out alongside being able to edit our comments. Oddly enough, we’ve long been able to edit status updates that are attached to photos we post.

Mashable brings up the potential problem and solution of bait-and-switch editing:

Editing posts was potentially dicey territory for Facebook, since the it brings the danger of a bait-and-switch with followers. A user could conceivably write, “Who likes ice cream?” and get hundreds of Likes and affirming comments, then edit the post to read, “Who wants to beat up some cats?”

Facebook addresses this issue by marking the post as edited and letting users access the history of any edited post with a click.

At least this means I can stop deleting and reposting when I notice an error moments after posting. 😉

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National Punctuation Day 2013

Happy National Punctuation Day!

What’s your favorite punctuation mark? I’m partial to the interrobang (?!) and the Oxford comma.

Check out NationalPunctuationDay.com and this neat article about 13 little-known punctuation marks we should be using.

Remember, punctuation can save lives! 😉

National Punctuation Day 2013

National Punctuation Day 2013

National Punctuation Day 2013

National Punctuation Day 2013

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Oxford English Dictionary Adds New Techy Terms in June 2013 Update

ThinkThe Oxford English Dictionary’s Twitter account, @OED, tweeted Thursday:

The social-networking sense of #tweet (noun & verb) has just been added to the OED: http://oxford.ly/ZLlPnD #OEDupdate

Our language is ever-evolving, and the Oxford English Dictionary has proven that once again, recently adding the social media senses of the following in its June 2013 update:

  • tweet (noun and verb)
  • follow (verb)
  • follower (noun)

Back in February 2013, the OED added the word “tweetable,” and “retweet” was added in August 2011.

More techy-terms added amongst the 1,200 newly revised and updated words include:

  • geekery
  • flash mob
  • live-blog
  • e-reader
  • crowdsourcing
  • mouseover

This update brings the OED’s total number of entries to more than 823,000.

Here’s the OED June 2013 blog update, and the complete list of newly added words. Check them out and let me know if there’s a new-ish word you love to use! Me? I think I prefer “geekery.”


photo by: jDevaun
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AP Stylebook Twitter Gaffe: Google Pus

AP Stylebook’s Twitter account, @APStylebook, posted an amusing gaffe yesterday:

AP Style tip: circles: central organizing principle of Google Pus. Users group each other into circles to control who can see their posts.

In case you missed it, that’s “pus” instead of “plus.”

It just goes to show no one is perfect — not even the AP Stylebook. We all make mistakes!

Have you seen any amusing typos lately?

Found via: jimromenesko.com and multiple related Tweets

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This Week in Social Media: Crisis Management, Hashtags, and…Psychopaths?

This week’s social media tidbits:

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