Shrek and Donkey is rescuing someone!(?)

I found this through Mighty Red Pen, and I had to mention it.

This trivia card was found in a McDonald’s Happy Meal.

Shrek Happy Meal Grammar

*singing* “Do you see what I see? Way up in the card, everyone?” Ahem. Oops. Sorry about that. I have a habit of breaking into song. 🙂

The card reads: “Who is Shrek and Donkey trying to rescue?”

It should read: “Who are Shrek and Donkey trying to rescue?”

If either Shrek or Donkey were trying to rescue someone by themselves, “who is” would have been fine.

Who is? “Shrek is” or “Donkey is.”

However, since both are doing the rescuing, they “are,” not “is.”

Who are? “Shrek and Donkey are.”

To reword it for those who may still be confused: “Shrek and Donkey is rescuing someone.” That doesn’t sound right at all.

“Shrek and Donkey are rescuing someone.” Now that sounds better!

How did this grammar error slip by the writer? Maybe the writer of this card thought that because they were rescuing Fiona, singular “is” was correct. Fiona is who Shrek and Donkey are trying to rescue. However, I’ve got no idea how it slipped by the editors, if there were any.

If the folks from McDonald’s happen to be reading this, I’m available for freelance editing and proofreading.

And don’t forget to visit Mighty Red Pen to read what McDonald’s had to say about it.

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