As a social media consultant, I manage & monitor various social media networks for companies/brands and manage online communities.

As an editor, I strive to rescue excess apostrophes, save spliced commas, and repair injured & abused words.

As a writer, I bring creativity & passion to the written word.

I have always been passionate about the written word, and have literally been writing and editing since I could read — long before I received my B.A. in English — but I didn’t consider it for a career until I fell in love with the English department after trying out two other majors first (vocal music and communications). I traversed through college reading and writing about some of the best literature ever written and getting graded for it — a dream come true!

All the while I moderated an IRC chatroom where I met the man who would later become my husband. Four years and a bachelor’s degree later I graduated and got married, began freelancing as a writer, editor, and moderator not long after, and have been doing it ever since!

The highlights of my career thus far? 1) Managing social media for a Fortune 500 company for several years now, and 2) being interviewed on NPR’s (National Public Radio) The Bryant Park Project as a guest grammarian.

A native of New York and Central Florida, I currently reside outside SW Houston, Texas, with my amazing tech-geek husband, my long-awaited miracle boys (11 months and 3 years old), and our two goofy cats. In addition to spending time with my incredible family, I also enjoy DIY Pinterest projects and being active in my local natural childbirth & parenting community. If there’s an opportunity I also love going to the theatre to see the latest musicals in town (not for a while now since my boys are so little).