Category: Tools of the Trade

Keeping busy with a new "gig"

Happy first day of March! So, the reason I’ve been a bit distant on my blog and on commenting on y’all’s blogs in the last week or so is because I’ve been accepted as a copyeditor/proofreader for Chippewa Publishing, and

Trackback issues

Is there anybody out there who might be able to tell me why trackbacks are not showing on my individual posts or in my sidebar (where I have recent trackbacks listed)? I can link to my own entries and they

Get Firefox, Folks! (Or, Why MyBlogLog won't work on my blog in IE.)

So, I very much dislike Internet Explorer. (Don’t even get me started in Microsoft. My next computer will be a Mac!) Anyway, I’ve been using (and loving!) MyBlogLog for a while, and last night on a whim I checked my

Comments and replies

I’ve been reading about how important it is to communicate with your blog readers. This is why I’ve installed a plug-in that allows readers to subscribe to comments on a particular post, so that they can see my occasional responses

2000 Bloggers– It's not too late!

I blogged about it last week, but as far as I can tell Tino Buntic is still adding bloggers to his 2000 bloggers page, and as of January 29th he still had 800 openings, so he’s probably got at least