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New Member of Blogging Chicks!

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12 Laws Every Blogger Should Know

Found this by way of Slashdot and I’ve been meaning to post it: 12 Important U.S. Laws Every Blogger Needs to Know Read it if you get the chance. There’s some important information there. (More about the creative journey soon!

Changes coming for

Some changes having to do with the future of MyBlogLog were apparently discussed at SOBcon (SOB standing for Successful and outstanding bloggers). It has been said that Yahoo! will be rebranding MyBlogLog, which will probably end up having “Yahoo” somewhere

I Follow- Do You?

I’ve joined the “Do Follow” movement (and it shows!). What is it, you ask? From my understanding, basically, whenever you leave a comment on a blog that has “nofollow,” it means that the fact that you comment won’t get picked

Are You an A-List Bloglebrity?

Something fun I found via my dear friend Pattie’s blog: has come up with a widget to determine your blog’s “Bloglebrity” status. Click here to find out whether your blog is on the A-list, B-list, C-list, or D-list! (Not