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Huge Thanks!

First I want to thank everyone who’s written such supportive notes to encourage me while I’ve been dealing with the sudden loss of my friend Nattie. I’ve just not had much to say, nor felt very sociable, and therefore haven’t

To Live and Leave a Legacy

Sorry I haven’t been around lately. I’ve been mulling over Nattie’s death (read previous post for details); it seems to be hitting me in new and different ways each day. Sometimes I’m laughing over things she said and did, and

Life is too fleeting…

It’s 3:30 AM and I can’t sleep. My hubby got paged and had to leave at 1:30 AM, and I just can’t seem to get back to sleep. Part of the reason is this: Natalie Rose “Nattie” York A precious

I've Got to Be Me!

Mrs. Write Right, Word Therapist was recently featured on Freelance Writing for Nonprofits— thanks to Kivi Leroux Miller for featuring me! She had lots of nice things to say, but her one criticism brought out some concerns that I’ve been

Still here! More soon.

Hubby’s getting better. He’s looking less like Quasimodo now that his eyes aren’t swollen shut anymore. (I’m not really that mean– my mom and grandmother both took to calling me Quasimodo when I had the Chicken Pox and my eyes