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The Devil's (True-to-Life!) Publishing Dictionary

I ran across something hilarious the other day. Absolutely hilarious. You MUST read this. Paperback Writer composed The Devil’s Publishing Dictionary (parts one and two), and then Teresa Nielsen Hayden shared her version. A few gems, my personal favorites from

The Hard Part of Writing

“The hard part is getting to the top of page 1.” – Tom Stoppard It’s so true. But… if he feels this way and wrote the brilliance that is Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, then what’s holding us back?

Copious Drivel

You simply must read Anya Werner’s thoughts on writing copius drivel: I saw an ad posted today – man, i love craigslist – for someone to write copious drivel. They sure nailed it. So much of what I write these