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Do you LOVE what you do? Then I need YOU! (Part 2)

A little over a week ago I asked if any of you love what you do, and if so, would you be interested in being interviewed. Well, several people responded, and I’m preparing a list of interview questions I can

Do you LOVE what you do? Then I need YOU!

I’m looking to interview people who are doing what they love… or who have the desire to or intention of doing so in the future! In conjunction with Should I Do What I Love?: Creative Advice for Career Types (based

Mary Poppins no longer!

Thanks for everyone’s supportive words about my part-time (almost full-time) nannying job. (Thanks especially to Diane, Pattie, Alicia, & Amy— you gals are the best!) Alicia was absolutely right: Oh, honey, the fear of disappointing people leads to nothing but

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I'm not Mary Poppins…

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately. About a month ago, I agreed to babysit (or be a part-time nanny) for 5 hours a day. The last few weeks it’s become 7 hours a day, and people around me have

Wetpaint… it isn't messy!

So, it’s been a while since I’ve been into blogging. What have I been doing these last few months, aside from summer vacationing and visiting? I’ve been working for a company called Wetpaint for the past few months, and I’m