WEGO Health has launched anew!

Thanks to Allena for reminding me to post an update about WEGO Health! I’ve had a busy week, and hadn’t gotten to post the news here yet.

The new WEGO Health was born at 2:11 a.m. on Wednesday, November 21, 2007. I saw it when we arrived at my in-laws’ house for Thanksgiving. As soon as we arrived on Wednesday, I checked it out. I had tried to check it while we were driving, utilizing my husband’s company laptop and its wireless Internet access, but it was a bit flaky.

When the home page and forums loaded for the first time, I squealed with delight! It looks SO GOOD!

You’ve got to check it out!

WEGO Health main site

If you watch the “Featured Review” section scroll, you can see me! I think I’m on the 3rd featured review.

You can also see me featured here on the Women’s Health page and here on the Sleep Problems page.

Stop by our forums and say hi! Don’t forget to tell them Julia sent you!

We’re not done yet, either. We’ve got lots more health topics to premiere over the next few weeks and months! Stay tuned!

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Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy lots of mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie!

WEGO Health Technical Issues

The WEGO Health site is experiencing some technical difficulties, but it’s all good. Why? Because the new look and navigation are set to premiere VERY soon!

The forums are still usable, though.

I’ll update when I know more!

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WEGO Health: expert-supported health communities

I’m working as a community moderator for a new expert-supported health website, WEGO Health (http://www.wegohealth.com). My user name is “Julia”, and I’m the host for the Women’s Health and Sleep Disorders areas. I also help out with the Depression & Anxiety and Mental Health areas, and anywhere else I’m needed.

WEGO Health was created by Jack Barrette, a former Yahoo! executive focused on lifestyles, health and medicine. At Yahoo!, and throughout his career in healthcare, Jack has seen millions of people struggle to find credible, useful health information online. WEGO Health was born as a result of these experiences.

We are working hard developing the WEGO Health website. We recently launched our message boards and I wanted to invite you to join in the community. The boards were launched in advance of the corresponding content areas of WEGO Health, which are under development. You’re among the first to see the message boards, so we would very much appreciate your feedback and participation.

To get started, please visit the registration page:


If you would like to browse all of the forums, please go here:


And here are a few highlights from across our community…

Asthma & Allergy
Children’s Health
Depression & Anxiety
Diet & Weight Loss
Heart Health
Mental Health
Nutrition, Food, & Digestive Health
Sleep Problems
Women’s Health (Birth control, Menopause, etc.)

… and we’ve got many more topics on the way!

You can also see visit our home page and use the search function to find niche topic pages with information about a wide variety of health issues, many which are listed above. (There are more topics available than the three (3) that are currently listed there.)

This is just a taste of what’s happening on WEGO Health. I hope that you decide to join and share your thoughts, experience, and tips. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

Hope to see you there! If you join, please be sure to mention that “Julia” referred you, in your profile area, and let me know your user name and the e-mail you signed up with so that I can get in touch with you over there!

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Everyone needs a good old-fashioned hissy fit

I’m frustrated.

I just tried signing up for an online course that I’ve been wanting to take for months. I got halfway through the sign-up process, and then I clicked the wrong button, indicating that I had already paid for the course, when indeed I meant to click the button that would allow me to remit payment.

When I tried to correct my mistake and click back, it said that I was already on the roster, and it wouldn’t allow me to submit payment since it was a “duplicate submission.” Now, instead of doing that online, I’ll have to do it by telephone or something. Nothing too difficult, but I just would have preferred to have done it tonight, online.

I had a little bit of a grown-up hissy fit for five minutes. Then realized that there’s nothing I can do about it right now. I can’t change anything at this very moment. So, I e-mailed the contact for the course, and explained my circumstances. All can do now is wait.

Of course, the course is supposed to start tomorrow, and payment is preferred 2-5 days before the course begins. However, I think I could easily catch up, since I know the basics that will be covered in the first few lessons; I’m taking the course primarily for the later lessons. The course is six weeks long, with a two-week grace period, and each lesson needs to be turned in within two weeks. So, I think I can catch up.

If all else fails, I’ll just wait until January and take it then. I can’t do the December one because it goes into the beginning of January, and my husband and I will be traveling somewhere to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary! So, it’s now or mid-January. Now is good because my husband will be traveling for business in a few weeks, and this course could keep me busy during that time. I’m also eager because I’ve been wanting to take this course since August, and I kept forgetting to register!

So, we’ll see if they can get me registered properly this week, and if not, there’s always January!

I just had to vent because I was upset with myself, and the website… and let’s face it… it’s late and I’m tired.

Must. go. to. bed. Now!

The bottom line: It’s not worth crying over spilled milk. Take care of the mess as best you can, and get over it. And, in this case, wait for the course contact to contact me.