I’m going to be on NPR (National Public Radio) tomorrow!

Ack! I’m going to be on NPR (National Public Radio) tomorrow morning!

A producer at NPR’s new show, The Bryant Park Project (& blog link), instant messaged me on AIM a few minutes ago, wanting me to be a phone guest on one of their segments tomorrow morning! The segment will be about grammar mistakes.

Apparently one of their hosts made a grammar boo-boo this morning, misusing the phrase “begging the question.” Now they want to talk about that and other misused phrases.

Do you have a grammar peeve that you’d like me to bring up for the show? Leave me a message in the comments of this post! And say a prayer for me– I am very nervous! Eeek!

You can listen online at their website, or on a podcast. Here are two links:

NPR: The Bryant Park Project
NPR: The Bryant Park Project’s ‘A Block’

I’m not sure which is which yet. I’ll update when I know more about where and how you can listen!

All I know is that they’re going to call me at 8:40 A.M. ET, and I’ll be on hold doing a sound-check for a few minutes. Not sure if it’s the live show or the recorded one, both linked above.

EDIT: You can go here to see if you can listen to it on your local radio!

Here’s something I found on their site:

Laura Conaway asks: Can This Paragraph Be Saved?

With your help, maybe. From yesterday’s New York Times, on newcomers noticing the “phenomenon” of carrying umbrellas when it snows:

Yet deep down in his soul, the transplant will hold on to the notion that umbrellas are to be used only as protection against the rain, which is wet and, when it drenches the clothes and skin, makes one uncomfortable.

Sharpen those red pencils, y’all.

I like their style! This should be fun and interesting!

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Shrek and Donkey is rescuing someone!(?)

I found this through Mighty Red Pen, and I had to mention it.

This trivia card was found in a McDonald’s Happy Meal.

Shrek Happy Meal Grammar

*singing* “Do you see what I see? Way up in the card, everyone?” Ahem. Oops. Sorry about that. I have a habit of breaking into song. 🙂

The card reads: “Who is Shrek and Donkey trying to rescue?”

It should read: “Who are Shrek and Donkey trying to rescue?”

If either Shrek or Donkey were trying to rescue someone by themselves, “who is” would have been fine.

Who is? “Shrek is” or “Donkey is.”

However, since both are doing the rescuing, they “are,” not “is.”

Who are? “Shrek and Donkey are.”

To reword it for those who may still be confused: “Shrek and Donkey is rescuing someone.” That doesn’t sound right at all.

“Shrek and Donkey are rescuing someone.” Now that sounds better!

How did this grammar error slip by the writer? Maybe the writer of this card thought that because they were rescuing Fiona, singular “is” was correct. Fiona is who Shrek and Donkey are trying to rescue. However, I’ve got no idea how it slipped by the editors, if there were any.

If the folks from McDonald’s happen to be reading this, I’m available for freelance editing and proofreading.

And don’t forget to visit Mighty Red Pen to read what McDonald’s had to say about it.

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100-Plus In-Depth Resource Collections for Web Workers

I recently received an e-mail from Amy Quinn at HRWorld, who wrote to share an article regarding the “100-Plus In-Depth Resource Collections for Web Workers.”

It looks interesting– lots of useful information!

Check it out!

I’m Twitterpated!

Well, I don’t know if that’s exactly accurate: I’m not really in love with it (Twitter). Anyway…

I joined Twitter a few weeks ago. I don’t know why I didn’t join sooner– I love it! It’s like mini-blogging, with 140 characters or less. Great for quick updates! I’m using one of their widgets on the left-hand column of my blog, and you can see what others are twittering, too!

If you’re on Twitter, add me! My username is JuliaTemlyn.

If you’re not on Twitter, why not join?

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TGIF! (Thank God it's Friday!)

Thank God it’s Friday!

My husband’s been out of town on a business trip since Monday morning. He had to leave only a day after we returned from visiting his family for Thanksgiving in Oklahoma (which, I might add, was fabulous)! He was supposed to be home later this evening. Instead, he just called to let me know he’s gotten an earlier flight and will be here in just a few hours! Hooray! Hubby’s coming home! Goodness, how I’ve missed him!

I’ve been cleaning the house in anticipation. I want it to look nice and not-so-cluttery when he gets in.

It’s been a busy week.

I had a deadline for two articles with a local magazine, and got those finished. The editor loved them!

I’ve been working in the forums at WEGO Health, which, by the way, launched its new look last week at 2:11 a.m. on Wednesday, November 21, 2007!

I also had a rush editing job for another client earlier in the week, and it looks as though I may have another quickie edit today.

Yay! Hubby’s coming home! ::happy dancing::

See you next week!