New site is online!

My new website is online! Please take a few minutes to check it out and let me know what you think!

New Web Site

I will be publishing a new website soon. Stay tuned!

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Busy week(s)

So I didn’t get a post up earlier in the week as I had hoped. In fact, I’ve been swarmed with a few gigs that are going to keep me working 9-5 pretty much until the end of the month.

I’m finishing up edits on one manuscript today, and have two more large editing projects due before April 1st. Additionally, I have a magazine deadline coming up on March 27th, but that’s pretty much finished, and only needs some formatting. I’m also taking an online course that I’m working furiously to keep up with, and that will end in a few weeks.

I’m pretty much booked up for the rest of the month, and a new contract editing gig with a regional construction company will begin in April.

I’m also getting ready for my mom to visit! Yay! She’ll be coming to stay with us for a week in the middle of April, and I am absolutely thrilled! I think this may be the break she needs after my father’s recent death, and, well, I just miss her.

How distracted can I be? Well, I’ve had my husband block access to Twitter from 8am-5pm, so I can work without refreshing Twitter every five minutes. (It was very tempting during SXSW, when I was reading all the b5media participants’ posts.)

So, I’ve got another post coming up to inspire some conversation this weekend/next week. I’ll be around, but the next two weeks are going to be busy!

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Just you wait

Oooh, boy. Have I got some posts for you. We’re talking about some doozies!

Between typos in grocery stores and e-mail inquiries from people who obviously aren’t reading my website before they send me e-mail… I’ve got about half a dozen posts in the works. Gah!

I need a massage. I’m all tense. This is what dealing with certain clients does to me.

Stay tuned for Monday! In the meantime, Calgon, take me away!

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Happy National Grammar Day!

Today is National Grammar Day!

The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar (SPOGG) and MSN Encarta have designated March 4, 2008 as National Grammar Day.

How can you participate? Here’s what Martha Brockenbrough, founder of the National Grammar Day website, had to say:

Speak well! Write well! And on March 4, march forth and spread the word. If you see a sign with a catastrophic apostrophe, send a kind note to the storekeeper. If your local newscaster says “Between you and I,” set him straight with a friendly e-mail.

Want to wear your support for grammar? Check out the great goodies offered from the SPOGG gift shop!

In honor of National Grammar Day I’ve created a Grammar & Punctuation blogroll on the right side of my blog. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally there.

Do you have some grammar pet peeves? I have a few, but one that sticks with me is nauseated versus nauseous. Blame that one on my college roommate, S, who is an absolute grammar snob!

Grammar Girl on nauseated versus nauseous:

It’s common to hear people say they’re nauseous when their stomach is upset, but language sticklers hold that nauseous means to induce nausea, whereas nauseated means you feel sick. So when you’re describing how sick you feel, you should say you are nauseated; when you’re describing something that makes you sick, you should call it nauseous.

Strunk and White agree that the adjective nauseous means “sickening to contemplate,” and the adjective nauseated means “sick to the stomach.” Strunk goes on to say:

Do not, therefore, say, “I feel nauseous,” unless you are sure you have that effect on others.

(I’m not a grammar snob, but rather a grammar educator, so I understand that “nauseous” may indeed become the more acceptable term in years to come. Still, because of my roommate, I can’t help but think of Strunk & White’s definition every time I hear someone use the word.)

My husband is a bit dyslexic, and calls me his built-in spell-check. I’m always helping him with distinguishing between “there, their, and they’re” and “too and to.” Misuse and abuse of apostrophes bothers me, too — I catch examples of these all the time on store signs (e.g., its and it’s). Also, “could of” instead of “could have.” It’s “have,” not “of”!

What’s your “favorite” grammar goof or pet peeve?

Which grammar goof is your pet peeve?

(Edited to add: Good catch on the “favorite peeve,” Lori! Least favorite doesn’t seem to work, either. Hmm. How about “most irritating”? See my edit above.)

Mrs. Write Right, Word Therapist, is a proud partner with the official National Grammar Day website.

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